Migrating Angular JS app to React by Aishwaryalakshmi Panneerselvam Medium

This is the feature area I’m personally focused on, so in this post I want to describe what we’re up to and ask for your feedback. “Angular 2, which is a complete rewrite of AngularJS, has grown significantly over the past few years,” said Alvaro Oliveira, Toptal’s VP of Operations. Now with all the setup done, let’s add our first good old hello world react component. To enable Typescript, add the tsconfig.json with allowJs option set totrue and jsx option set toreact-jsx. Enabling this option, allows you to skip React import in every file for newer versions of React.

Our complexity is in the leafs of the component tree. You don’t need to do that if you plan to do the replatform fast. The benefit of moving to 1.7 is the LTS from Angular and the security updates you’ll get. Pass the component and the props as an array Key Roles & Responsibilities in a Software Development Team ["name"] and export the return value from the createAngularDirective as provided in the snippet above. Create a vendors.js file and include high-level dependencies.ngReact requires loading React and AngularJS dependencies before its inclusion as below.


The build tool used older versions of Gulp andWebpack. This one has been slow-cooking since February and it’s good. For the first time in a while, this release focuses on adding some significant new features to Knockout. Almost any developer using KO should seriously consider making use of these, as they can greatly streamline your code.

Angular: Create an hierarchical style architecture.

Toptal compiled the data based on more than 10,000 requests for talent over the past year. Toptal screens freelance developer candidates to winnow its talent pool down to what it says are the top 3 percent of coders, who it matches up with companies needing temporary help with development projects. Now we can get at that Context in our child component file but we have to do return a context-wrapped version of the component. While you rewrite to the new framework you will stop adding features and supporting your old codebase.

In the React+Redux case, all application state is transferred seamlessly from server to client, so the browser can continue execution where the server left off. To a limited extent, this allows an Angular 2 / React+Redux app to run even with JS disabled in the browser, though that’s more of a party trick than a realistic Continuous Delivery and Maturity Model DevOps ~ Ahmed AbouZaid! use case. Obviously we couldn’t do a great job of maintaining an unlimited number of packages and templates for every possible JS framework. Lazy-loading – instead of transferring the entire client-side app to the browser, you can organise components into bundles that are fetched dynamically on demand.


I’m mostly using Visual Studio Code, which is an excellent free cross-platform editor for ASP.NET Core apps and C#/TypeScript . Use it to open the directory containing your new single-page app, and you’ll get full intellisense on your C# and TypeScript. It supports .tsx syntax for React apps as well. Hopefully it should be clear in the source folders where you can start to add new components to your app and make it your own. If you’re on Windows, make sure your installation is new enough to have NPM version 3+ (run npm -v to find out) otherwise you’ll have a bad time. One of our goals for ASP.NET Core is to make it a truly first-rate platform for building modern rich JavaScript apps (sometimes called single-page apps).

Building Highly Dynamic UIs using React and Sockets

To avoid typescript, linting js files, apply @typescript-eslint plugin only for files with extension .ts and .tsx in overrides section as seen in the snippet. Hence, we decided to move forward to introduce React to this project. After some research on Google, some libraries like ngReact, react2angular, angular2react offer migration to React from legacy Angular JS code. The app had quite a lot of outdated dependencies with dependencies coming from both bower.json andpackage.json.

  • Now, one could access the directive in the AngularJS HTML file.
  • This function takes the React component and the array of property strings as arguments and converts it to an angular directive.
  • We need a reference to the $injector created by the Angular module that registered the Angular component you’re exposing.
  • Right now we’re building templates for Angular 2, Knockout, React, and React with Redux.
  • To enable Typescript, add the tsconfig.json with allowJs option set totrue and jsx option set toreact-jsx.

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As you can see in the above example, the ts-loader package manages the files with extension .ts and .tsx. It is also advised to include the transpileOnly option to true so that fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin takes care of type checking. Since the app uses v1.2.28 of AngularJS, ngReact is the only package that offers support as other packages are targeted for higher versions. Upgrading to the latest version of Angular required a complete rewrite of the entire app. We all know rewriting an entire application needs a lot of man work. So, we decided to look for options that offer an incremental upgrade.

I’ve tried it a few times and every time this.context is never set to the context I define.



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