Reference List

Business Analysis, Consulting, ERP Implementations, Project Management, Software Development and Outsourcing


  1. Tigar Tyers – Michellin Group – Consultancy, development and project management services and support on large implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution in one of the largest manufacturing tier producers (2013/14)

  2. Implementation of the currently largest MS Dynamics AX Project in Holland, in Manufacturing and Retail Industry (2012/13)

  3. Ministry of Defense & Army of Macedonia – MIESU, 5,8 Mil USD US Army donation, Design & Implementation of Logistic Information ERP System based on MS Dynamics AX, sponsored by the US Army. The project covered setup of Logistic Information System for Macedonian Ministry of Defense and Macedonian Army. It covered: Business analysis, translation, localization, customization, gap development, data migration, implementation, training, documentation (2010-2012)

  4. Marks & Spenser Marbella – Franchise retail business of the worldwide brand name. Microsoft Dynamics RMS perfectly answered our customer needs and Infinite Solutions retail team extended the standard functionalists to fit the growth on the market (2009-2014)

  5. USAID funded IDEAS Project, Booz Allen Hamilton – Re-design of the website  (2014)
  6. Balkan Energy Group – Analysis & Implementation of TESAS (Telephone Email SMS Application System) and Customer Care System – Software application for receiving and evidencing of reclamations and interventions (2012-2014)
  7. International Finance Corporation – Web Portal for Small Hydro Power Plants (2013)

  8. UKIM Rectorate – Web solution for the project European Information Innovative Centre in Macedonia (EIICM) (2014)

  9. FAKOM Metal Industry – Analysis & Implementation of Pantheon ERP System (2012-2013) Infinite Solutions team has performed thorough analysis of all the procedures in the company and successfully finished phase 1 of the implementation covering financials, material and warehouse management, procurement, production planning. Within few months, complete transition from the old system was performed covering implementation of the new system, data migration, user training and support. Currently the second phase is in progress covering production, sales, export-import, BI

  10. TAV (Turkish Airports) Construction – Analysis & Implementation of Pantheon ERP System (2010) Infinite Solutions team has performed implementation of the ERP solution covering financials, fixed assets, material and warehouse management, procurement, production planning, HR, payroll and integration with SAP in HQ

  11. Draexlmaier – German Automotive Industry Spare Parts Manufacturer, Implementation of basic ERP modules and integration with SAP ERP, Time Attendance System (Kabba readers) and other 3 DMM internal Systems.

  12. Johnson Matthey – UK Automotive Industry Cathalisator Manufacturer (export in Germany around 700 mil EUR per year), implementation of HR& Payroll ERP modules and integration with SAP ERP

  13. University Clinical Centre – implementation and maintenance of ERP solution for the University Clinical Centre, covering financials, material management, warehouse management, payments  (cash and bank management), fixed assets and small inventory (2010-2013)

  14. Employment agency – implementation of basic module of ERP for management of fixed assets and small inventory across all 30 units of the agency (2010)

  15. Ministry of Agriculture – World Bank Project, Application Software for Agriculture Market Information System (2011)

  16. Komercijalna Banka – Migration and Upgrade of Document Management System – MERIDIO (2010 – 2011)

  17. UNDP – Development and implementation of the application comprising an inventory of public buildings database and a climate database as well as to deliver a training package for project beneficiaries – ExCITE (2010)

  18. TAV Construction – Time Attendance Management and Access Control System and ERP solution  (2010)

  19. LEK Skopje – Records Management System (2010)

  20. Employment Service Agency – Fixed Assets System (2009)

  21. POLIO PLUS – Movement Against Disability, Skopje (Me Discriminator)

  22. Customs of Republic of Macedonia – Inward Processing System – Metastorm BPM (2009)

  23. Ministry of Defense – Document Management System (2009)

  24. Airports of Macedonia- Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of Records Management System, Human Resources System and Procurement and Purchase Orders System (2009)

  25. Ministry of Health- Performance based Supplementary Payment System (2009)

  26. OSCE – Software for analysis of the radio and television program on the National wide level (2009)

  27. Agrotec – Italy – VIS – Veterinary Information System (2008-2009)

  28. PHI Gerontology Institute – Patient Management System (2009)

  29. Pension and Disability Fund – Software application for contribution remuneration and distribution (2008)

  30. ESA – Consulting Services for Employment State Agency – EU Project (2007)

  31. University “Goce Delcev” – Stip – E-Index Credit Transfer System (2007)

  32. Jerry Thompson and Associates – USA – Web Site and Content Management System (2006)

  33. Internews USA – ICT Infrastructure Design for e-Procurement Solution (2006)

  34. T-Mobile – Time Attendance Management and Access Control System (2006)

  35. Elisistemi (Italy) – Company Project Tracking Portal (2006)

  36. GFA (Germany) – VIS Veterinary Information System (2006)

  37. Special Cardio-surgery Hospital Filip II – Time Attendance Management and Access Control System (2006)

  38. DAI – MDW – USA – Make Decentralization Work (project for Local Tax Administration Software) (2006)

  39. MDW/DAI – local government reform project – Tax Administration Software Application (2005/2006)

  40. UK Branch of one of the Largest UK Bank – Commodity trade and assets management system (2005)

  41. Dr. Karb (Germany) – Data Exchange Interface (2005)

  42. City of Skopje – e-Procurement project as a part of e-Government strategy of Macedonian Government (2005/2006)

  43. DAI for Local Municipalities – Local Government Reform Project COMMUNAL TAX ADMISTRATION SOLUTION (2004)

  44. Croatian Government, Intellectual Property Office – Site Builder (2005)

  45. Civil Servant Agency – Integrated Document Management System and Business Process Management (2002)

  46. State Statistical Office of Republic of Macedonia – Improvement of Sector Statistics Agriculture, Labor market, Health, Dissemination and Meta data (2002)




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