Leadership team

Slagjan Mihajlovski

CEO and founder  

Slagjan is a leader and motivator with vision, with 30+ Years experience in IT and Consulting, looking in new technologies and helping clients to achieve the goals with correspondent ICT Solutions. During his carrier, he was involved in more than 200 Projects, many of them large scale projects with customers that have thousands of employees. In the last 20+ years he has been involved in a lot of Microsoft’s solutions implementations, such as Dynamics D365FO, Customer Engagement and Power BI, along with software development. As the driving force behind Infinite Solutions, he excels in securing large projects and cultivating relationships with partner and customers, while overseeing ongoing project success and best resources engagement.

Leadership team

Elizabeta Trencovska

CFO and founder  

Elizabeta is an Economist with over 25 years of experience in IT industry. She is our Chief Financial Officer, and a high-performing professional who keeps our finances positioned for continued success. She has a day-to-day, ongoing impact on company operations, helping us to analyze, strategize, and grow our financial position. She is a certified accountant who understands current accounting practices and trends, but also has experience raising capital and adapting to change.

Leadership team

Aleksandar Naumoski

Chief Technical Officer  

Aleksandar is our Chief Technology Officer, he is a visionary leader driving the technological direction and innovation within the organization. With a keen understanding of both current industry trends and emerging technologies in the last 20+ years, he orchestrates the development and implementation of IS solutions. His strategic mindset, coupled with his deep technical expertise, empowers our teams to tackle complex challenges and consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

Leadership team

Elena Stamatoska Janevska

Chief Operation Officer

Elena is an Economist with over 20 years of diverse project management experience, focused on managing internationally funded projects and Microsoft solutions, including D365FO, Customer Engagement, and Power BI, as well as custom software development. As the Chief Operating Officer at Infinite Solutions, Elena leads the design and implementation of business strategies, crafts culture-aligned policies, and oversees daily operations while supervising executives. Throughout her career, she has played a vital role in guiding private companies and public institutions through business process reengineering, capacity building, and comprehensive reforms.