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Read what our clients have to say about the services we provide at Infinite Solutions

Dragosex- ICL/ Fujitsu Services

"Fujitsu Services, formerly ICL, a British company was at the time a very important IT system, Integrator and Service Provider.  My first visit was very assuring because I met a small group of young people who really made a great impression on me.  Smart, professional, eager to work and deliver.  I also found them very reliable.  The following months confirmed my expectations.  The business grew and the reputation of Fujitsu Services as well.  "

Rob WoodrowCisco (ex-HPE)

"My experience initially with Infinite Solution goes back to 2009 where we work together to deliver a large logistics ERP system under the funding and supervision of the US government. As Infinite Solutions and HP successfully delivered this major ERP logistics system to the Macedonian Ministry of Defense.  We really put each other on the map for future business with Microsoft, specifically, Microsoft Dynamics. Infinite Solutions continues to deliver these capabilities, and I was happy that we were to be able to be part of that initial success.  When I reflect on this LIS project, I'm still astonished today that HPE and Infinite Solutions was able to deliver on time and on budget, and we had to manage 2 challenging customers, the US Department of Defense and the Macedonia Ministry of Defense.  This is a testament, A testament to the drive and determination of Infinite Solutions.  "

Cian Cinsela EBRD Consultant

"Prior to my first my arriving in Skopje, for the first time II had in my mind an expectation of who I was going to meet. I was going to meet this highly charismatic and you know, leading from the front type of CEO and the number of line managers, each of which competent line managers who would have had their own view on what was the best way forward for infinite solutions. I found both of those and we found basically that that we could all work together. It was overall fantastic, has been a fantastic, enjoyable set of assignments for me and I can now say that the team the this picking one word, that word would be teamwork. "

Stevan Jovanovic Micheline Tires

"In Michelin we started to work with Infinite Solution back in 2013 when we began implementing our ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics X 2012.  During all these years they have been reliable partner and our corporation even grew beyond ERP.  Their teams have proven to be extremely customer oriented, flexible and proactive in their daily support.  They were willing to take challenges in circumstances when no other partner would have taken them.  What is even more important, delivered remarkable results.  "

Neil McgroryPLC Ireland

"We've partnered with Infinite Solutions since 2014 on various initiatives throughout the UK and Ireland. Together with Infinite Solutions, we partnered on a huge impact project. The National Travel Card System upgrade, also known as the Leap Card. The project used agile methodologies and involved not only new development, but also strong and streamlining of existing operations, integration of a number of ways, technology enhancements and interfacing with a number of third parties. As you can imagine, Infinite Solutions play an integral role in the success of this project. "

Ronan O'BrienIT and e-GoCTO for a company called XRSv coordinator, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

"I'm delighted to say that a relationship with Infinite has not only grown over the past four years, but we now consider them to be a long-term partner that is absolutely vital to our success. First and foremost, the team at Infinite is top notch. Their expertise in software development is superb and they bring creativity and innovation to the table with every project. With them, you're not just getting code, you're getting a trusted partner that helps you achieve your business goals."


"It's not a secret that the first impression is the most important because it represents the basis for building successful business cooperation.  Even in the first phase of our project, Infinite Solutions proved to be experts in their field.    They proved their professionalism through a serious approach to work, constantly patient, attentive, ready to listen to our needs and offer a solution to all our challenges. It's a great honor for us to recommend you as an excellent partner for cooperation, primarily due to the fulfillment of the three key elements for establishing an effective partnership, namely excellent communication, professionalism and dedication.  "

Bruno ValidatorSafes

"was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Infinite. They have always been very attentive to our needs and expectations and have always delivered high quality work on time and within budget. Well, in my opinion, one of the biggest advantages of working with Infinite is their expertise, their innovation and reliability. They also have a team of experts who are knowledgeable and skilled in various different fields and technologies, so they're very good at finding creative solutions for complex problems. They're also very reliable and trustworthy, delivering a high quality work on time and within budget. They've also showed great initiative and creativity in solving problems and finding solutions for various different problems."

Jasna NovakovicMove One

"We have been working together with Infinite Team for approximately 8 years and they've always been excellent when it comes to understanding the requirements, delivering on time and also delivering according to the requirements presented to them.  We have recently completed the upgrade of our systems to D365FO and their committed team worked amazingly well with our team and handled the project in a professional manner, ensuring it was delivered on time and up to the standard.  Congratulations on your anniversary and looking forward to working with all of you in future"

Ronnie PatelOrg

From our initial interaction, Infinite Solutions came across as a professional and dedicated partner. Prior to our partnership, we faced a few challenges, mainly in our D365 capability and they managed to integrate and work with us seamlessly. The most significant benefit from our partnership has been the quality of output. This has directly led to successful project outcomes. Specifically in our latest initiative where your team's expertise had substantial impacts. Supporting us with testing, your communication and customer support have been great. You've always been responsive and attentive to our needs, even recently when we needed you to scale to meet our technical requirements of short notice. In my opinion, the greatest advantages of working with you are your professionalism, work ethic, and flexibility. I would absolutely recommend you as partners because of these qualities. Your focus on innovation and technology solutions is impressive and has significantly contributed to our project success. If I were to describe your company in five words, they would be professional, expert, adaptable, innovative and reliable.

Zoran GligorovIT and e-Gov coordinator, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

"The USAID Decentralization Project selected Infinite Solutions for the development of the Local Tax Administration System in Macedonia. The project required broad range of skills of the developer as it addressed newly given responsibilities of the Macedonian local authorities. Infinite Solutions’ team was able to meet the requirements and make the project a real success, while keeping excellent communication with the Project. Macedonian municipalities received powerful software solution providing for efficient administration of local taxes."

Zoran Popovic Micheline Tires

"After 10 years of very intensive cooperation with infinite solutions, I can confirm that the feeling I got from the very, very beginning has not just remained the same, but also has been significantly emphasized.  That feeling was that in Infinite solutions we will have a partner is very, very flexible, totally reliable, truly innovative and fully engaged and the partner who actually never ever gives up and is always determined to help, support and advice.  So in short, whenever I speak of Infinite, I always speak about very, very good friend"