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Тhe Executive Study Tour in Toronto organized by Macedonia 2025 was excellent opportunity for me as a CEO of Macedonian IT Company, Infinite Solutions, to see where do we stand regarding our technology and services compared to companies in that sector in Canada.

Executive Study Tour in Toronto

Furthermore, I used my stay in Canada to meet successful Macedonians there and visit a number of Canadian companies, to learning about them and the way they operate and to exchange our views about the common sectors and the possibilities for cooperation.Based on the initial impressions of the tour, it confirms that our company can keep up with the pace of the fast changes and the progress that takes place in IT. I found out that our personnel doesn’t lag too far behind and maybe even is at the same level as their peers in Canada. Almost all IT persons that I know that were educated and worked in Macedonia and now are in Canada are respected as successful professionals there. My learning experience and conclusion from the Executive Study Tour in Toronto is that we need to continue with the course of cooperation with companies abroad, invest the income from export in developing the work force and at the same time keep the brilliance and knowledge within Macedonia.

Slagjan Mihajlovski, CEO of Infinite Solutions

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