Macedonian Railways 

  • IT Infrastructure



  • Software for analysis of the radio and television program on the National wide level


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Visa Issuing System


Ministry of Defense

  • Document Management System – confidential documents
  • FAMS – Fixed Assets Management System


Ministry of Economy

  • FAMS – Fixed Assets Management System


Ministry of Justice

  • IT Infrastructure


Government of Macedonia

  • Capacity Building Support for Consolidation of the National Aid Coordination System


Ministry of Agriculture -Veterinary Department

  • Digital Signing in TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System)
  • TRACES- like Application data integration with EXIM (Single Window for Export/Import Licenses and Quotas)
  • Electronic Register for Veterinary Department


General Sekretariat – Government of Macedonia

  • Infrastructure for Ministry of Information Society


Ministry of Interior of RM

  • IT Infrastructure


Employment Service Agency

  • FAMS – Fixed Assets Management System


Customs of Republic of Macedonia

  • Inward Processing System – Metastorm BPM


Civil Servant Agency

  • Integrated Document Management and Business Process Management System


Pension and Invalidity Fund for Pension and Invalidity Insurance

  • Software application for contribution remuneration and distribution


National Bank

  • IT Infrastructure


City of Skopje

  • e-Procurement System


State Statistical Office of Republic of Macedonia

  • Improvement of Sector Statistics Agriculture, Labor market, Health, Dissemination and Meta data



  • Consulting Services for Employment State Agency – EU Project


Internews USA

  • ICT Infrastructure Design for e- Procurement Solution


DAI – Development Alternatives, MDW – USA

  • MDW – Make Decentralization Work (Project for Local Tax Administration Software)


DAI for Local Municipalities



GFA – Germany

  • VIS – Veterinary Information System


MDW/DAI, local government reform project

  • Administration Software Application


Croatian Government, Intellectual Property Office

  • Site Builder


Agrotec – Italy

  • VIS – Veterinary Information System