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Infinite & NetApp Hybrid Promo at special prices for bundles:

  1. FAS2520 (two controllers in High Availability mode),4x200GB SSD disks,8x2TB 7.2k SATA disks, iSCSI only
  2. FAS2552 (two controllers in High Availability mode), 4x200GB SSD disks,20x600GB 10K SAS disks, iSCSI or FC

*Included features: RAID-DP protection, Snapshots, thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, Quality of Service, Flash Pool (Virtual Storage Tier), Multipath I/O, CIFS(SMB) and NFS and 3 years standard warranty. For more details please contact

Infinite Solutions is NetApp’s GOLD PARTNER and as such can provide Storage from the overall Netapp’s products line, as well as support for them.

For more details feel free to contact:

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