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As part of the PRO Twinning Project, INFINITE SOLUTIONS has developed two applications and a prototype web portal for accessing the developed applications or useful information for the Taxpayers. The applications were completely developed in Microsoft .NET technologies and are using Microsoft SQL Server as a backbone database server. The developed applications are:

–    a full functioning Client Appointment System for the needs of the PRO Call Center, on which the tax payers in Macedonia can create appointments for fulfilling their tax duties against the state; 

–    an online Knowledge Base with Frequently Asked Questions, that can be easily administrate by the internal PRO users and can be very helpful for the taxpayers searching for the correct information.

–    the prototype web portal was developed with Dot Net Nuke platform, a complete Content Management System (CMS) that can provide PRO an easy to use and adaptable solution to their needs.

 As closing part of the project, 10 employees from a IT Department from PRO, received a full functional & technical training, that covered the following topics:

–    Content Management System (CMS) – DotNetNuke (DNN);

–    Creating Multiple Sites Under the Visual Studio 2013 or above versions. 

The trainings were held in the period from 31st October till 18th November and all the participants were granted with certificates for the gained knowledge.






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