Migration from AX to Dynamics 365

When contemplating a shift from Dynamics AX to the Dynamics 365 suite of cloud applications, consider the enhanced and updated features they bring. Depending on your existing Dynamics AX version, the disparity might appear significant, causing concern among business users about adapting to new workflows. In this piece, we provide guidance and resources aimed at assisting organizations in managing the migration journey.

The subsequent list outlines fundamental changes that have occurred in various areas over recent years.


  • Introduction of Revenue Recognition
  • Implementation of Financial Report Retention Policies
  • Reverse Journal Posting
  • Enhanced Credit Management
  • Customer Payment Predictions
  • Treasurer Workspace
  • Intelligent Budget Proposal

Supply Chain:

  • Addition of Customer Portal for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
  • Improvements in Inventory Management
  • Visualizations for Outbound Workload in Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Visibility Add-in for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
  • Updates in Work Breaks and Tracking for Landed Cost
  • Enhancements in Procurement and Sourcing
  • Integration of Fixed Assets with Asset Management Lifecycle
  • Core Insights in IoT Intelligence

Shared Capabilities:

  • Ability to Trigger and Monitor a Flow
  • Sending Documents to Network Printers during Online Preview
  • Along with several other shared capabilities…