Backup Solutions


Backup & Replication

A fast, affordable and top-rated solution that delivers backup, replication, instant restore, disaster recovery, and infrastructure monitoring all from a single pane of glass. Designed to help SMBs, enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) overcome data protection threats and challenges, the solution seamlessly integrates with today’s virtualization and storage technologies.

Save time on data Protection. Get better uptime and availability

  • Everything you need in 1 solution
  • Deploy where you need in minutes
  • Reliable uptime, short RTOs.
  • Ligh on resources with a small footprint.
  • Cyber resilience
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Simple administration
  • MSP-Ready
  • 24/7 support

Fast and Efficient Backup

  •  VM Backup
  • Microsoft 365 Backup
  •  File Share Backup
  • Physical Machine Backup: Image-based, incremental backup for Windows- and Linux-based
  • Amazon EC2 Backup
  • Application Support
  • Oracle Database Backup
  • VMware Cloud Director Backup: Backup for Cloud Director objects, such as vApps, individual VMs and storage policies.
  • Backup to Cloud
  • Backup to S3-Compatible Storage: Back up to object storage platforms that use the S3 API.
  • Backup to Tape
  • Global Deduplication
  • Instant Backup Verification
  • Backup from Storage Snapshots
  • Deduplication Appliance Integration

Instant Recovery for Operational Efficiency

  • Instant VM Recovery
  • Microsoft 365 Recovery
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • Instant Physical to Virtual (P2V)
  • File Share Recovery
  • Direct Recovery from Tape
  • Instant Object Recovery
  • Universal Object Recovery
  • Cross-Platform Recovery

Ransomware Protection for Cyber Resilience

  • Air-Gapped Backups
  • Backups in the Cloud
  • Local Ransomware-Proof Repository
  • Backup Malware Scan

Disaster Recovery for the Shortest RTOs and RPOs

  • Real-Time ReplicationBETA for VMware
  • VM Replication
  • EC2 Instance Replication
  • Replication from Backup
  • Site Recovery
  • Replica Verification
  • Application Support

MSP-Friendly BaaS and DraaS

The MSP Console in NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows managed service providers (MSPs)
to deliver backup as a service (BaaS), disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), and other data
protection services.

  • MSP Console
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Self-Service
  • Tenant Resource Allocation
  • Direct Connect


Boost backup, replication, and recovery speeds by up to 2 times and reduce network load by
as much as 50%.

  • Native Change Tracking
  • LAN-Free Data Transfer
  • Network Acceleration
  • Bandwidth Throttling


NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides a simple web interface and comes with great features
to help you save time and resources on data protection activities.

  • Versatile Deployment
  • Universal Transporter
  • Policy-Based Protection
  • Calendar Dashboard
  • File System Indexing
  • Global Search
  • Overview Dashboard
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration
  • Job Chaining
  • API
  • Self-Backup
  • Live Chat with Tech Support


Monitoring for VMware

Monitor CPU, RAM, and disk usage of VMware vSphere hosts and VMs, as well as disk usage
of vSphere datastores in real time. Create custom alerts to detect suspicious activity and get
comprehensive reports about VMware VMs, hosts and datastores.