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PANTHEON Enterprise serves as business software tailored for medium-sized companies committed to advancing their operations. This robust tool empowers users with comprehensive control over their business, facilitating the attainment of goals in an efficient manner. By mastering the tool, businesses can elevate their processes, avoiding compromises on the path to success.

Specifically designed for the Southeast European market, PANTHEON is fully localized for Macedonia market. The involvement of local partners ensures that implementation and support align with the unique requirements of each country.

PANTHEON offers a diverse range of award-winning functionalities to companies of varying sizes. Essential modules cover procurement, accounting, orders, warehouse operations, human resources, and other fundamental operations, forming the foundation of a highly scalable system.

Tailored to companies with extensive IT profiles, PANTHEON provides powerful solutions for manufacturing, comprehensive planning tools, and various approaches to IT rightsizing, constituting a comprehensive ERP system addressing the end-to-end needs of larger enterprises.

With an integrated IDE, users can develop custom add-ons, expanding the range of functionalities. A robust programming language facilitates work with databases, the internet, files, data import/export, and strings.

Datalab’s latest product, PANTHEON Web light, represents a new generation online ERP system designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. A key advantage of the PANTHEON Web application is its seamless accessibility without the need for installation – users can log in via a website using the Google Chrome browser and enjoy features tailored to their business needs.

PANTHEON Web Light is a simplified online business program that enables users to effortlessly generate and receive invoices, manage warehouse operations, issue and monitor travel orders, track time and attendance, access HR data, manage documents, report material, and work in manufacturing, among other useful features.

Another aspect of Pantheon comprises e-Business services, seamlessly integrated into the latest version of the solution. e-Business encompasses a suite of Datalab services specifically designed to facilitate electronic business operations within the PANTHEON framework.

This encompasses the trio of fundamental pillars integral to PANTHEON DMS, namely:





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