Document Management System (DMS)

As organizations grow, more and more documents and unstructured data is created daily. Without proper handling of this explosion of data, organizations cannot benefit from the information contained within the documents, and the unstructured data. Lost documents, unrelated emails, duplicated files, wrong versions of the documents, all can add to the chaos than create competitive advantage for the company. All this plus regulatory and legal compliance requirements can draws significant amount of company resources, people, and time. Infinite Solutions as a trusted partner and experienced implementer of document management and records management systems can help you capture, index, store, retrieve, secure and version your company’s documents and records, paving the road for true collaboration and technology integration. The tool we use in bringing order from chaos is one of the leading products in the market – Autonomy Meridio Electronic Document and Records Management System. Infinite Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help organizations in all steps of implementing EDRM system from preliminary investigation and business analysis, identification of recordkeeping requirements, assessment of existing systems, installation, implementation, auditing and imaging, to helping organizations to put sustainable self-supporting group to keep the system live, active and relevant.


Meridio is an innovative software company, focused on records management control and compliance solutions for the public sector and major corporate in the financial services, utilities, and manufacturing sectors.

Meridio is an innovative software company, operational in the USA, Europe and the Far East. We develop industry leading Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) software exclusively for Microsoft platforms. Meridio solutions are designed to transparently integrate with Microsoft Office System products and allow enterprises to implement state-of-the-art EDRM with minimal additional infrastructure costs and training. Using Meridio EDRM solutions is easy for organisations familiar with MS SharePoint Portal Server, MS Outlook, MS Word and other Office System products and requires minimal changes to current operational practices.

Meridio’s award winning software helps our customers to reduce costs, meet regulatory compliance obligations and manage risk by enabling them to manage their business-critical documents and records securely and in conformance with legal requirements and best business practice. Our industry leading integration functionality supports the development of comprehensive e-business solutions by harnessing all the enterprise content needed to underpin line-of-business applications such asand CRM. Meridio EDRM has won major awards at the last four Information Management awards in London including uniquely, Document Management Product of the Year in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Meridio is a powerful, high performance tool, capable of delivering impressive benefits in the most demanding of environments. It has proven to be particularly effective for customers with large-scale, document management requirements and for those who need an EDRM engine that can integrate easily with a range of applications across the enterprise, including legacy systems, ensuring that all the business content is properly managed. Meridio fits naturally as the central repository for all business critical documents, enabling the exploitation of those documents within internal and external business processes, permitting interoperability of all departments, systems and web portals.

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