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Information System

The application for clerical work is intended for managing the documentary material that is created during the work. Your company could cover the following parts of this application: reception, arrangement, separation, classification, and archiving of the same.

What this solution offers:

  • Records of complete incoming documentation: ledger (ledger number, subject of the document, date of receipt, number of copies, link number if it is connected to another document or subject);
  • Creating folders for more manageable records
  • Assignment of privileges (users): first and last name of the user, username and password, role, and folders to which the person has access according to his role.
  • Distribution of documentation through the delivery books, namely: internal delivery book, book for deliveries by mail, and book for on-site delivery
  • Archiving of documentation: record in archive, search, list of documents.
  • According to Macedonian Law
  • Comprehensive archive reports
  • Authentication and limited access