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Employee data display remaining vacation days

Our product offers a robust array of features tailored to user permissions. With four distinct role categories—administrators, managers, end users, and HR—users have nuanced access to a suite of functionalities. This includes the ability to designate request supervisors, send email notifications for approvals, and track both current and accrued vacation days. The product enables retrieval of employee data, displays remaining vacation days, and ensures adherence to a maximum 7-day limit for specific requests.

Moreover, it facilitates seamless adjustment of Pantheon rest days based on approved requests and allows for the streamlined sending of approved vacation requests via email in .pdf format. Users can effortlessly review, search, cancel, or rectify approved leave requests, manage permissions, and navigate a comprehensive user management interface. Additionally, the product supports various leave applications, including requests for paid leave, family-related matters, exam days, bereavement situations, and leave due to natural disasters or vacation adjustments.

Employees benefit from accessing their historical pay slips, PDD-GDP records, training details, employment documents, and general interest materials such as collective agreements and Codes of Ethics. They can also request specific certificates issued by HR and monitor the entire leave approval process.