Messaging and Identity Management solutions

Our messaging portfolio is composed from the following products:
Qmail – free, open source mail transfer agent that works on Unix;
Microsoft Exchange – well known Microsoft messaging platform;
Memova Messaging – Critical Path’s Memova suite of applications and services are chosen by leading service;
Providers and enterprises around the world to enable millions of users to communicate, connect, share and organize while providing industry-leading safety and assurance.

About Critical Path

To put it simply, Critical Path is the power behind modern communications. Through our integrated communications software and services, we provide Messaging and Identity Management solutions for wireless carriers, service providers, government agencies, large enterprises and small businesses.

Our Messaging solutions provide a complete range of services – integrating traditional email, text messaging and voice mail with advanced collaboration and multimedia (MMS) services. Moreover, users have broad access to these messaging services from mobile phones, wireless PDAs, laptops and desktop computers.

Our Identity Management solutions consolidate user information across a multitude of systems, enabling a high level of service personalization and self-service, while supporting the deployment of advanced security applications. As a result, helpdesk costs are greatly reduced, and organizations can deploy services more quickly.

Critical Path’s solutions are highly scalable – proven to perform reliably with millions of users. What’s more, they are flexible. Customers can deploy them in their own data centers or use our hosted service – freeing up valuable resources and reducing capital expenditures and risks.

Leading wireless carriers, such as O2, T-Mobile and 3 (formerly Hutchison 3G), depend on Critical Path’s solutions to deliver premium, revenue-generating services. Similarly, large enterprises, such as Wal-Mart, Morgan Stanley and DuPont, use Critical Path’s solutions everyday to make communication and information more accessible and secure.