eSafe Internet Security Appliances – Power, Performance & Simplicity – Internet Security Appliances Without Compromise

eToken PRO – the flagship USB token. Secure and portable, this cost-effective readerless smart-card-based device is the key to strong user authentication, and secure PKI implementation in your organization.

eToken PRO Anywhere – A portable, reader-less smartcard token that enables secure access to the Web, authentication applications, digital signatures, encryption, and decryption, and secure e-mail easily, conveniently and most of all, securely, from just about anywhere.

eToken NG-OTP – the advanced and innovative hybrid USB and One Time Password (OTP) token. This device offers all of the functionality of Aladdin’s industry-leading USB token, eToken PRO with the addition of OTP technology for strong authentication in detached mode.

eToken NG-FLASH – the two-in-one token for authentication and encrypted mass data storage. This device offers the same functionality as eToken PRO, with the addition of encrypted flash memory for secure mobile data storage.

eToken PRO Smartcard – the token in a traditional card form factor. Offering the same functionality as the USB eToken PRO, this device is ideal for implementing corporate photo ID badges, magnetic stripes, and more, together with your strong authentication and password management solution.

eToken PASS – the one-time password token. This device is the perfect complement to eToken USB and hybrid tokens and smart cards, providing secure user access to digital resources anytime, anywhere.

eToken Virtual  – software-based two-factor authentication security solution which provides full PKI functionality such as secure remote access, network access and digital signing.

MobilePASS – OTP-based two factor software authenticator that provides proof-positive user identity for all types of remote access systems, such as VPNs, Terminal Server and Citrix applications, Outlook Web Access and customer-facing online services such as banking, education portals and health care.