Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Revolutionizing Professional Service Management

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is your all-in-one solution for managing your professional service business, from project quoting to financials. It seamlessly integrates three established products into one comprehensive solution to handle deal management, pricing, invoicing, and revenue recognition.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Functionalities: Tailored for Resource Managers, Sales Managers, Accounts Managers, and Project Managers.
  • Unified Solution: Seamlessly connects Microsoft Project, Project Service Automation, and Dynamics 365 Finance for end-to-end project visibility.

Deployment Options:

  • Lite Deployment: Offers sales process enhancements, project planning, pricing, resource management, time tracking, and basic expense features.
  • Resource/Non-Stocked Scenario: Extends sales processes, multi-dimensional pricing, resource management, and adds full expense, receipt OCR, invoicing, and revenue recognition capabilities.
  • Stocked/Production Order Scenario: Incorporates WBS project planning, resource management, full expense, receipt OCR, invoicing, revenue recognition, and supports production orders and stocked materials with inventory.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations integrates sales, resourcing, project management, and finance in a single application, enabling organizations to win more deals, expedite project delivery, and enhance profitability.

Key Benefits:

  • Business Insights: Gain visibility across teams, data, and processes with AI capabilities for smarter decisions.
  • Accelerated Sales: Enable your sales team with fast, accurate quotes, flexible pricing, and smooth transitions.
  • Optimized Resourcing: Align the right people with the right skills to enhance quality and retain top performers.
  • Streamlined Project Management: Utilize built-in project management for faster project delivery.
  • Productive Team Collaboration: Improve productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Simplified Finance: Streamline project accounting, budgeting, invoicing, and more for a clearer view of business health metrics.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations serves diverse industries, offering expense management, project accounting, and revenue recognition. Its adaptability makes it an ideal solution for different project-based scenarios, including call centers, consulting, marketing, and project-based manufacturing.

Experience the future of professional service management with Dynamics 365 Project Operations as it is designed to help you win more deals, accelerate project delivery, and maximize profitability.


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