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October 3, 2014

Reference List

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Reference list

Our Microsoft Dynamics References

Below is the list of the most important Infinite Solutions’ projects/references related to Microsoft Dynamics: AX2009, AX2012. D365FO, D365 Customer Engagement (CE), CRM, Sales, Service and Power BI:

  • Implementation of the largest world-wide (at that time) Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 project in the Defence and Logistics sector, sponsored by US Army/Government with specially developed add-ons for interoperability with NATO logistics systems, codification procedures and additional Records Level Security required by the Defence sector. Our AX team consisted of around 15 professionals (Project Manager, Consultants, Developers, Testers and Trainers).
  • Demo and presentation of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 in NCIA NATO HQ together with Microsoft NATO Sales Team (after which AX for the first time was accepted as eligible ERP beside Oracle and SAP).
  • Largest Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Retail Project in Hollandin 2012-2014, where we have AX Development team of around 15 people.
  • Hotel Chocolate UK, under the contract with Microsoft we provide the Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Workshop for the internal IT team.
  • In many Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 (R1, R2, R3) projects during few years, we were subcontractor to another AX partner from EU, and the end users, customers, were in Finland, Spain, Portugal, UK, Slovenia, France, etc
  • WizzAir (low budget air company) – Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 implementation and MK localization .
  • Migration Project of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 to D365FO for a very large multinational end user (operating in 100+ countries), where the prime contractor was another AX partner. Our implementation team was consisted of 8 resources: Consultants, Developers and Testers
  • Implementation and Support of Microsoft Dynamics D365 Finance and Operations or one of the best in 2017/2018 Microsoft AX Partners in 10 countries where they have registered legal entities
  • With the team of 4 resources, 2 Functional and 2 Technical Consultants, we have done Analysis and prepare the Functional Requirement and Technical Design Document for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics D365FO for D365 Microsoft Partner in EU, best Microsoft Partner in their Country
  • Infinite was part of the team with one Functional and one Technical Consultant for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics D365FO in one Pharma Company from USA with operations in EU.
  • MAPEI Italy– leading manufacturing company in the field of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for building with 89 subsidiaries and 83 production facilities in 36 different countries, we have done Microsoft Dynamics D365FO Reports using Docentric Reporting tool
  • Fagron Netherland, a leading global company in pharmaceutical compounding, aims to make tailor-made medications available to hospitals, pharmacists and patients worldwide, we have done Reports for Microsoft Dynamics D365FO using Docentric Reporting tool
  • With Global Logistic company (US owner) with HQ in Dubai and 42 legal entities Worldwide, we have started with Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 Support, Change Requests and Reports Development. In 2022 we have done migration of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 to D365FO for HQ and all 42 legal entities
  • Michelin Tigar Tyres, our 10+ years and ongoing customer, where we were part of Project Management and Implementation, and after completely done by ourselves Gap Development, Support, Change Requests and Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2 System they have
  • Large scale AX2012R3 complex implementation and rollout project for 14 countries, where Infinite has a team of 10+ Functional & Technical Consultants working on 4 streams (Project Management and Accounting, Service management, Finance, Supply Chain including Sales, Procurement, Inventory). Our team was working partly on-site in 6 Countries (Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Netherland). In 2023 we start implementation of D365FO in the first of 14 countries and we will do migration in the other countries in the next 3 – 4 years
  • Full translation of Microsoft Dynamics D365FO in Macedonian language (with Cyrillic letters) and Development of localization package for Microsoft Dynamics D365FO according to local Laws and regulations
  • Infinite Solutions has provided SABAG Switzerland, large Swiss distributer of building materials and interior elements with support for the largest problems they’ve had with Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 implementation and we have implemented Change Requests and were solving printing issues as well as we’ve prepared documentation regarding current implemented system AX2012
  • Infinite Solutions largest Microsoft Dynamics D365 Customer Engagement (CE) customer is React from Netherland, with operations in more than 90 countries Worldwide. This customer has 170 users of D365 CE and is also using Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office365 Business Premium, Flow and PowerApps, Teams, etc. (2016-ongoing support).
  • Full Scale implementation and localization of Microsoft Dynamics 365FO in Azure Cloud within the largest 100% domestic owned employer Nikob in Macedonia, currently in support mode and Power BI implementation.
  • Part of the team (testing) for the global Microsoft Dynamics D365CE & D365FO Implementation for the Customer in UK with branches in 20+ Countries.
  • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics D365FO for the manufacturing and assembly company in about 10+ European countries where they have registered legal entities
  • Microsoft Dynamics D365 CE & Power BI Implementation project in one of the largest Insurance Companies in Macedonia, “Croatia Insurance”, with HQ in EU Country.

Our Custom Software Development References

In addition, Infinite Solutions completed many projects for design and custom software development of fully functional commercial products, based on the specific requirements of different clients, by using mainly Microsoft Azure Cloud and other WEB technologies:

  • TAMACS – Infinite Solutions’ Time Attendance and Access Control System used in premium customers like Airports, Mobile operators, Technology manufacturing companies, etc.
  • TESAS – Software application for Customer Care and Debt collection for Balkan Energy Group (BEG), used for tracking of reclamations and interventions.
  • PRAKSIS – Design, development and implementation of contemporary, comprehensive and client-oriented electronic database of legal acts, court decisions and translated laws – PRAKSIS, developed for the needs of the Consultancy Company ACT. The solution enables users to search through very large database of laws and regulations by using only few characters or words.
  • B2B eCommerce Portal and Platform for Irish company. The solution has expanded significantly during this time and is successfully running live. It’s a web-based Ecommerce solution that covers B2B. The solution is used by local retail stores for making online orders.
  • Customer Self Service Portal – Implementation of Debt collection system for an Irish Customer for credit control, collections, debt recovery and litigation software services. The Portal is aimed for existing and new clients that allows Customers (Debtors) to manage their own accounts through a secure, modern, responsive & user friendly website or web app.
  • Smart safes system for cash handling for the UK customer – Safe Management System for the UK market with new UpToDate technologies and enhanced functionalities (smart safe software). It’s has 3 major parts: Safe Management Application including Start module; Safe Management Portal application; and Safe Management Admin application. The cloud architecture is composed of 2major components: Azure cloud platform and Safe Management Application platform.
  • AMIS (Integrated Agricultural Market Information System) funded by World Bank for the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture – Web based Central system for collecting agricultural product’s prices, which also provides additional data for policy analysis and planning.
  • Monitoring software for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy – EU funded project, implemented by CARE International. The software includes clear and measurable indicators to monitor the performance of the agricultural cooperatives and individual farmers as well as to monitor the effect of the national program on their development.
  • Risk Management System for the Tax Revenue Office – Development and Implementation of a modern Risk Evaluation system for the benefit of the Public Revenue Office in RoM. The system was implemented in partnership with the Austrian IT Company We-Do-IT.
  • Taxpayer’s Appointment Management system – EU Twinning Project for the Public Revenue Office, latest-standards web portal, accessible by the taxpayers and users of the PRO’s services thus enabling them a two-way communication with the PRO.
  • Calendar/Timesheet Application developed for time management and recording of the activities of the personnel. In the background this application is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing automatic recording of hours spent on support activities.
  • Web application for validation of vouchers – Developed for the needs of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration Macedonia. The application has provided electronic entry and records of issued vouchers, authentication of the users entered and monitoring of utilization of vouchers through a system for generating reports, etc.

Our Other ERP References

Infinite Solutions also works on implementations of Pantheon ERP System, as an ERP solution developed in Slovenia and fully localized for all Balkan countries. Our most important Pantheon projects are:

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